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Sagging Face

Sagging Face

As we age there are many changes that naturally take place in the body including the face.

As we age there are many changes that naturally take place in the body. In the face this includes:

  1. Loss of collagen at a rate of 1.1-5% each year from the age of around 25 leading to skin laxity
  2. Loss of bone structure in the cheek bones, jawline, midface
  3. Loss of bone around the eye sockets and nasal cavity which means loss of support leading to changes in the nose and eye area
  4. Fat pads in the face shrink and start to drop
  5. Menaupause in women can lead to increased loss of collagen

It is important to remember that this is completely normal and happens very slowly over time. Lifestyle also plays an important factor and habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, stress, lack of sleep and sunbathing also speeds up these changes.

As a clinic we work holistically with you to look amazing whatever your age and leave people guessing how you look so well and radiate confidence! We work together to address the changes that occur from the skin down to leave you with the most natural, long lasting and believable result.

We can help to create the illusion of lift in the face and neck and will always guide you towards the most effective treatment options on the market. We also have treatment options available to treat other parts of the body such as decolletage, hands, arms, knees the list goes on!

Treatments for Sagging Face

Cheek filler
Jawline filler
Antiwrinkle treatments
Viscoderm hydrobooster
ZO skin health / skin consultation

For more information about treatments for sagging face, or to book your consultation with one of our specialists, please contact us at Signature Clinics.

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