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Thin, Dehydrated or Shapeless Lips

Thin, Dehydrated or Shapeless Lips

Lips are very much a focal point and in part can determine the overall attractiveness of a person’s face. Over the years filler and augmentation of the lips has gained popularity but it can also be a tricky treatment to get right! It is increasingly difficult to find a place that will ensure the results are soft, natural and elegant.

As a clinic we believe in taking the time to fully assess your lips and their relationship to the rest of your face, so the results remain natural even when smiling and talking.

Whether just a touch of hydration, enhancing the cupids bow or adding volume to balance the lips we can help you achieve your goal with tailored treatment and advice and using the best products and techniques on the market.

Treatments for Thin, Dehydrated or Shapeless Lips

Lip filler

For more information about treatments for thin, dehydrated or shapeless lips, or to book your consultation with one of our specialists, please contact us at Signature Clinics.

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