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Dr Eleanor Jolly

After graduating from the University of Liverpool in 2015 with a Bachelors Degree in Dental Surgery, she has worked within the NHS providing care as a General Dental Practitioner, and provided facial aesthetics treatments. Facial Aesthetics has always been an interest and passion of Ellie’s, and over the last 5 years she has performed thousands of treatments, providing excellent, natural-looking results.

Given Ellie’s background as a dentist, her anatomical knowledge of the head and neck, and the changes in these with ageing is exceptional. She was hand-picked from a training academy for a role with an international clinic due to her unparalleled, outstanding dexterous ability. Her fine-tuned skills have meant she produces wonderful results, with minimally invasive procedures that serve to improve people’s confidence. Ellie is a huge people person, who goes out of her way to ensure that her clients feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed in her presence. She encourages an open, interactive environment for her clients, and her patient care, from the very beginning of their aesthetic journey and into their after care, is second to none.

Ellie’s career has prioritised her love for aesthetics over the last 3 years, and she has worked all across the country, including running clinics out of a world-renowned Harley Street clinic. She has treated models and celebrities who have come to see her for her signature natural results as, given the nature of their job, this has been of paramount importance. Ellie is committed to constant learning, making sure she is always providing the best, most up to date treatments, and continuing to be trained in new areas and new skills. Ellie offers an array of aesthetic treatments, from antiwrinkle treatments, profile balancing, lip augmentation, liquid rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation and medical grade skin care treatments to name a few – and her repertoire of personalised and tailored treatments is growing and evolving as the industry develops.

Ellie has recently Co-founded Signature Clinic London, alongside Dr Melissa McKay. She is very excited about this new phase of her career, and they look forward to continue to strive for perfection in the delivery of natural, world-renowned aesthetic work, as part of an exceptional team.

Outside of Aesthetics, and Dentistry, Ellie enjoys playing tennis, attending music concerts, and used to be a keen ballerina. Whilst her pointe shoes have been hung up a while ago, she can still be found dancing away to music most of the time!

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