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Dr Melissa McKay

Dr Melissa McKay graduated from Leeds University with a Bachelors degree in Pharmacology and Medicine and Surgery in 2003. She has worked in the NHS for over 15 years. During this time, she developed an interest in Plastic Surgery and rotated through Surgical roles at Kingston

Hospital and Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London where she worked alongside teams dealing with patients suffering from both congenital and traumatic cranio-facial problems, burns and cosmetic plastic surgery. Following which, she obtained the Membership to the  Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh).

She has always had an artistic passion, and has continued to paint and draw throughout her professional life. It therefore seemed a natural progression to pursue and excel in a career in Medicine that aligned her two loves. She took a decision to move away from progressing in Surgery, and re-educated to qualify as a G.P. in 2009 and focusing on her specialisation of Aesthetic Medicine since 2016.

Her strong medical and surgical grounding has provided vast experience to provide excellent and appropriate care to her patients in her career in Aesthetics through a firm understanding of anatomy, skin health and the physical impact of stress and lifestyle on the ageing process. She is fine-tuned to the psychological impact of skin conditions such as Acne and Eczema and has sensitively managed patients with these concerns.

She has performed some of the most complicated rhinoplasty correctional work on patients who have suffered post-surgical complications, victims of domestic abuse and patients with developmental conditions such as cleft lip/palate abnormalities or dental malalignments through successfully undertaking combined lip/nose or jaw reconstructions with injectable treatments. Her artistic background provides her with not only an unparalleled attention to detail; but also, a natural softness in her approach and sensitivity to provide truly harmonious results with her

She has perfected her skills in skin, hair and facial rejuvenation procedures including anti-ageing, profile balancing, lip augmentation hair restoration and liquid rhinoplasty through the thousands of procedures she has performed in 5 countries worldwide in her career. As her former role as a Medical Director in a Harley Street clinic, she has advised and led the management teams dealing with complications of aesthetic procedures caused by clinicians elsewhere.

Her Aesthetics experience has involved international travel to multiple conferences in her keenness to excel in her field and support in the development and growth of leading aesthetics companies. Her work as a renowned lead aesthetics trainer to individual practitioners worldwide is well recognised – a role which has afforded her the responsibility of Chief Medical Officer for Signature Clinic London, which she has co-founded along with Dr Ellie Gacesa (and Dr Lucia Hbravoska). Their combined knowledge base offers a unique support system and balance of expertise to provide a truly holistic patient journey, and a novel approach with the expanse of care provided to the experience of each aesthetic patient.

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