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What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable substances that contain hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance that can be found naturally within the eyes, skin, connective tissues and the joints. They are perfect for supporting the underlying tissues of the skin, creating a ‘scaffold’ for sagging skin and re-building areas of the face that require volume or sculpting. Contained in a viscous gel, dermal fillers can restore the cheek contours and support the skin below them, so that a lifting effect is achieved for a more youthful facial appearance and more feminine facial shape.

As HA can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water, it is a superb hydrator for the skin and in the weeks that follow a cheek filler treatment, the skin will become more plump, healthy and resilient.

How does the treatment work?

Depending on the result we are trying to acheive, your practitioner will inject small amounts of a specially-chosen dermal filler into the area of concern using either a needle or cannula (a blunt ended needle which minimises bruising and trauma to the underlying layers of the skin). Once the dermal filler has been injected, your practitioner may mould, massage and shape the dermal filler to create a natural and pleasing look. The treatment should not take more than 30 minutes and you can return to your daily activities immediately afterwards with no clinical downtime.

Results can be seen straight away, but expect a period where you might be a little swollen. Therefore, we say that it may take 1-2 weeks to start to love your results after treatment. It takes 4-6 weeks for all the deep tissue swelling to settle following filler treatment and to see the final result with no swelling at all. It is at this stage that you can return to the clinic for any additional treatment which may be required.

Recovery time

Dermal fillers mimic your own, naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. The filler will integrate into your tissues seamlessly with you or anyone else being able to really feel it. You will likely experience some swelling and tenderness after the procedure and you might experience varying degrees of bruising which can be covered with makeup from the next day. The use of a cannula where appropriate can help to reduce the swelling and bruising after treatment. . Nevertheless, any potential bruising is quite normal and will subside within a week of treatment like any bruise. You can further reduce the risk of bruising by taking arnica tablets a few days before and having no alcohol for 48 hours before and after treatment. Your practitioner will also give you some simple aftercare instructions, following your treatment, which include:

  • no touching the treatment area for 4-6 hours – reduces infection risk
  • no makeup until the next day – reduces infection risk
  • no sauna, steam room or facial for 1 week – reduces swelling/ bruising
  • no exercise for 24-48 hrs after treatment – reduces risk of migration and additional swelling/ bruising
  • no alcohol for 48 hours before and after treatment – reduces swelling/ bruising

Risks with fillers

Each clinician you may see at Signature clinics London is medically trained with many years of experience, not just in aesthetics, but within their field of Medicine, Surgery or Dentistry. They have an in-depth understanding of your anatomy and how to safely carry out procedures and most importantly, how to spot any complications as well as treat them. This is essential, as fillers although safe when carried out by an experienced medical professional, are not without risks. These include some risks we anticipate and others we do not:

  • Redness and swelling- anticipated
  • bruising – anticipated
  • lumps/bumps/asymmetry – anticipated at the start- can last up to 1 month due to deep tissue swelling
  • infection
  • Risk of injecting in a blood vessel and reducing the blood supply in that area
  • Delayed onset reactions – if you are run down or unwell, very rarely your filler may swell and be tender. This is unlikely as your filler is very similar to your own hyaluronic acid in your body and if it happens it often subsides on its own. Occasionally you may need to visit us to help speed up the recovery.
  • Risk of needing more filler- we always air on the side of caution and leave you looking natural. It is better to need to add then to overfill in your appointment. 1 month following treatment you may need to return for addional filler to help you reach your goal.

Our Signature Treatments

Why Signature Clinics?

At Signature Clinics, London, our team of aesthetic professionals are medically-qualified and have had extensive training to deliver dermal filler treatments for cheek contouring and lifting. We have a duty of care to all our patients and take this extremely seriously. Therefore, as an aesthetic clinic, we ensure that we adhere to GMC and GDC regulations at all times and maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and safety. At Signature Clinics we make no compromises on the products and techniques that we use for all our treatments, so you can be sure of a safe and highly-effective procedure with a beautiful outcome.

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