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Hair restoration with PRP

Treatment summary

Hair loss (pattern baldness) can be a confidence crushing experience and have a significant effect on how we live our everyday lives.

Hair loss can start as early as teenage years and both men and women can experience it. Up to 85 percent of men can experience some form of male pattern baldness by the time they are 50 and in women it’s around 50 percent, so this is a common problem and many who experience it, suffer in silence. But they needn’t.

We have all heard of hair transplant surgeries, which are invasive, surgical practices to replace hair follicles that are no longer active. However, surgical procedures such as FUE and FUT hair transplants can be costly and for some, perhaps not yet necessary, if the hair loss or hair thinning is treated early. At Signature Clinics in London, we offer a non-surgical approach to hair restoration for those who are experiencing signs of hair loss and who would like to try a non-invasive solution, before taking a more drastic approach. It harnesses the body’s own platelet-rich-plasma to encourage new hair growth in a course of multiple treatment sessions.

What is PRP®?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a substance that is thought to promote healing when injected and famous athletes like Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal have been known to use PRP injections to help heal their injuries. It has been used in medicine for the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints with great success for many years. Plasma is a component of your blood that contains special proteins or ‘growth factors’ that support cell growth. PRP is produced by isolating the plasma from your own blood, then concentrating it in a specially designed centrifuge. This plasma is then injected in to areas of hair loss to stimulate the hair follicles which may have been damaged or at rest for long periods of time.

How does the treatment work?

A sample of blood is initially taken from your arm, just as you would give a blood sample at your doctor’s surgery. The blood is then put into the centrifuge, which separates the blood in to red blood cells and platelet-rich-plasma. The plasma is then injected into the areas of your scalp where hair loss or hair thinning has occurred. In most cases of male pattern baldness, these areas tend to be located at the front or the top of the scalp. In women, more common areas of hair loss or hair thinning are around the hairline and the very top of the head.

The beauty of non-surgical hair restoration such as PRP is that you are fully-awake during the treatment and there is no need for a general anaesthetic, sutures or an overnight stay in hospital. After the procedure there will be no visible scars.

You should start noticing results and re-growth of your hair at around a month after your first PRP hair restoration treatment. However, a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended for optimum results with a break of around four weeks between each session.

Side-effects and recovery time

After your PRP hair restoration treatment, you may experience some slight swelling, bruising and tenderness for 12-24 hours. Mild bruising may be noticed at the injection sites but this is quite normal and will subside after around 2 to 3 days.

As your own blood is used for PRP hair restoration, no animal or chemical derivatives are used, so there is little to no chance of a reaction or side-effects.

Why Signature Clinics?

At Signature Clinics, London, our team of aesthetic professionals are medically-qualified and have had extensive training to deliver advanced injectable treatments such as PRP for hair restoration. As medical professionals, we have a duty of care to all our patients and take this extremely seriously. Therefore, as a state-of-the-art cosmetic clinic, we ensure that we adhere to all GMC and GDC regulations at all times and maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and safety. At Signature Clinics we make no compromises on the products and techniques that we use for all our treatments, so you can be sure of a safe and highly-effective procedure with a beautiful outcome.

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